Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Scenario of Indian Thematic Philately

Even in the 21st century the standard of thematic philately in India has not improved much. Surprisingly there are only a handful of thematic philatelists in India, who are qualified to participate at FIP International Exhibitions. Out of these only a few are able to win “Large Silver” or “Vermeil” Medals. As far as my knowledge suggests that the highest medal won by Indian exhibits is “Large vermeil”. The “Gold” and “Large Gold” are still awaited.

In every State Level or National Level Philatelic exhibitions majority of exhibits are displayed in the “Thematic Class”. Since these exhibitions are held after a gap of 3 to 4 years, the momentum is lost.        

Developing a thematic exhibit is very tough and philatelists need to work harder in comparison of the philatelists of any other philatelic class. Do not take up thematic philately just considering it as the easiest branch of philately as a lot of time and money is required to build a high class thematic exhibit.

It is very difficult to prepare a high class thematic exhibit in India as the Indian philatelic dealers do not have good quality philatelic materials for thematic philatelists. Thematic philatelists have no interaction among them and each and every one works own his own. Philatelic seminars are totally missing from the programmes of philatelic exhibitions. Unfortunately the Philatelic Congress of India is also not active for the development of thematic philately. I had been lucky that I attended such seminars during my early age of collecting which helped me enormously to learn the aspects of thematic philately.

Almost all the philatelic societies in India seem to be interested in organizing philatelic exhibitions only. None of these societies is coming out with educational programmes for philately. Therefore too much work has to be done to improve the thematic philately in India. There is a big need for philatelic education at every level for better development of philately.

Through my blog I would try to share my experiences and new information about the development of thematic philately at international level. But the philatelic organisations and philatelic dealers have to play greater role in the development of thematic philately in India.    

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Why Thematic Philately
Thematic Philately provides a philatelist an interesting way of illustrating a chosen theme with the help of stamps and philatelic materials. Almost every possible subject can be developed into a thematic exhibit. In thematic philately one develops a story around a theme using his/her personal and innovative ideas. Collecting stamps and philatelic items on a subject is not thematic philately.

Why I Started This Blog

After winning the Champion of Champion Award (National Championship) at INPEX – 2013, National Philatelic Exhibition held at Mumbai, I started receiving many phone calls seeking my advice regarding thematic philately. I felt the need of having my own blog through which thematic philatelists from India as well as overseas may interact with me. I will try to answer the queries of philatelists via this blog. Articles and information related to thematic philately would be posted time to time.

Championship Trophy won for my exhibit
‘INPEX – 2013’  


A lot of philatelists have asked me to send the Title and Plan Page of my exhibit “Summer Olympic Games”. I will post this very soon on this blog. In coming time I would share my knowledge through articles, but it would be appreciable to receive any articles or information readers of this blog like to contribute.

Please do not forget to post your comments as this would assist me to improve this blog.